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Help build strong communities through diversity, respect and social responsibility through the collective effort of all people in the community to tackle social and economic inequalities, discrimination and marginalization.

The Vision and Mission of 5th Impact UK is to :

  • Tackle social and economic inequalities such as discrimination, under representation and marginalization.
  • Help build stronger communities through diversity, respect and social responsibility.
  • Research and identify issues that affect communities and significantly impact their livelihood.
  • Provide a communal platform; engage relevant stakeholders in addressing social issues that affect people using a community-people centric approach.

Promoting diversity, integration and friendship


We operate and deal with people on the highest ethical value of honesty.


At 5TH Impact UK, without love for people and what we do, we cease to exist.


We are hear to show care and compassion to those hurting and troubled.

People Minded

We are people and service centred.


We are committed, dedicated and ready to go the extra mile.

Our Impact Since 2010