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5th Impact UK Services

We provide a humanitarian service to our communities especially those in need or in critical crisis. We provide support on issues that affect local communities.

We support those facing social isolation, mental health issues, domestic and sexual abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, gang violence and racism etc.

We promote, action and social policies that reduce sociol inequalities, poverty and health issues among ethnic minorities

We to promote diversity, inclusion, social responsibility, integration and socio- economic policies that benefits ethnic communities.

We work on programmes that ensure adequate incomes, reduce debt and reduce income inequalities and unemployment in vulnerable groups and promote physical and mental health in ethnic communities.

We provide service programmes that support ethnic youth, from disadvantage backgrounds and single parents homes.

We promote culture, music, food and representation of ethnic minorities in strategic areas of policy and decision making.

We achieve our service goals in three key areas mainly, Early Intervention, Support and Solution.

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Providing training and awareness that is informative , more effective and coordinated around the needs of the individuals or community is essential to enable early intervention and preventative work, for safeguarding and promoting welfare and for the wider public protection.

We supported over 20 to 30 young people through our communal empowerment events. Providing guidance on business start up, career paths, encouraging retraining and training to gaining more relevant skills in IT such as cyber security, programming, web development, networking and cyber security.

Our training and communal empowerment events has provided the basic fundamental skills that has led to an enrollment in colleges, and further career development for those not in training or education.

Our communal empowerment events has also also provided opportunities for people to network with recruitment professional who prepare them for interviews and career development. Such as gaining self confidence, public speaking, interview skills and CV preparation has enable many gained employment and internship opportunities.

Stigma and victimization can worsen someone's mental problems, and delay or impede their getting help and treatment, and their recovery. Ethnic minorities are at a greater risk because of religious beliefs, taboos and cultural norms that makes mental health issues an undiscussed topic in their community.
Different communities understand and talk about mental health in different ways. In our communities, mental health problems are rarely spoken about and can be seen in a negative light due to erroneous misconception. And this discourage people within the community from talking about their mental health and disallow any form of engagement with health services. We provided education and personal 1 to 1 sessions with over 50 ethnic minorities advising and educating them on taking their mental health seriously. We have also provided early intervention by addressing issues that were likely to led to self harm and complete mental breakdown.
Addressing and tackling these key issues that most often impact ethnic mental health
  • Racism and discrimination
  • Social and economic inequalities
  • Unemployment
  • Mental health stigma
  • Criminal justice system
  • Harsh Anti Immigration policies.
We have providing early intervention counselling and support in these areas.

Most ethnic minorities from disadvantage backgrounds need help to achieve the full potential Mentoring therefore essential in helping them to develop more effectively. It is a relationship designed to build confidence and support the mentee so they are able to take control of their own development and growth.

Mentoring is one area that has been identified as a crucial positive factor in support ethnic minorities career progression. We at 5th Impact UK understand peoples difference understand the desire for self actualization.

We believe people can develop their unique abilities and potential when encourage and given the necessary support.

Our mentee from the the ages of 13- 20 are provided with opportunity to learn valuable skills in interpersonal development, setting goals, have a vision and time management. Our purpose is to develop and provide leadership and role for the youth to inspire confidence and ambition .

Mentoring ethnic minorities will enable them to compete and apply for strategic management roles and have a voice and representation. This will shape policy decision and address some of the social and economic inequalities that is result from lack of representation and misunderstanding of issues that minorities face in Britain.

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Providing on going support for victims of mental, verbal, emotional and racist abuse is for critical and needed. Enabling them to came into terms with situation and providing counselling and psychotherapy is proven to help them overcome the trauma and rebuild their self confident again.

We have supported about 12 women over the last 24 months who were emotionally, mental and financially distressed due to domestic violence and abuse on the verge of giving up their children to social services.

We provided awareness and support to women who have experience these issues.
  • Harassment both at home and work
  • Inappropriate comment
  • Offensive sent images
  • Female genital mutilation
  • Inappropriate touch or groping
  • Verbal and emotional abuse.
  • Financial abuse
Our supporting involves getting victims specialist counselling, educating women to build their self confidence and self worth and self esteem after abusive relationships.
Helping women form strong advocacy network to campaign to change the myths and misconceptions that exist around sexual violence in ethnic communities.
We also support women who have been suffeting isolation, divorced or threatened with divorced and are afraid to speak out to get the needed help and support.
We have supported amicable solution to family conflicts. But where threat to life and injury is involued, a legal separation has been recommended.
We are helping restore the value and dignity of women through our support network.

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