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5th Impact Projects

Ethnic mental health issues.

One in ten will experience mental health challenge and will not seek support for early intervention. Due to fears, taboos, cultural and religious beliefs many will not seek professional help.

Also the fear of stigmatization would mean many ethnic minorities will not have open discussion about the issue. Join us to bring awareness, consciousness and support through our events.

Domestic and sexual violence.

Both females are males are prone to domestic and sexual violence when there is an imbalance of power. Verbal, physical and sexual abuse devalues people, takes away their self confidence, self worth, self esteemed and often make people live in guilt and condemnation blaming themselves instead of the perpetrators. Join us to offer mental and emotion healing / support through our events and healing talk shows.

Depression a communal crisis.

Fear of the unknown, gloomy economic uncertainty, anxiety, social and personal difficulties affect peoples' mental health and bring about depression in the community. Difficult moments or challenges make people depression prone. Join us to help people develop resilience and a good coping mechanism using our mind maps support tools.

Dealing with social isolation and loneliness.

Most elderly people, people with disabilities and sometimes younger people without a good family network, friends and community are driven to social isolation and loneliness. Join us to organise community fun games, social meetings, sports and musical concerts to bring people together in the community.

Communal empowerment training and coaching events.

We believe one of the key tools that bring development in the community is education. Equipping people with the right information through mentoring and coaching puts them in an advantageous position to compete, succeed and also give back to the community. Join us for a career webinars, seminars, forums and coaching events with trained and certified professionals.

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