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Community Matters

Care, compassion and selflessness is at the heart of what we do to bring improvement in the lives of people at the community level. Our research and direct communication with those who are affected by some of these social and economic inequalities such as race discrimination, hate crime, violence, sexual and emotional abuse, mental health issues, human right issues. Also those needing protection such as immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers and those fleeing violence and war.

We are committed to working with different communities in identifying issues that affect them and using communal and cultural competency approach tackling these challenges with the help of relevant stakeholders as our strategy. And also harnessing the power of diversity as a communal resource; both human, mental and financial to tackle these social challenges.

Early intervention and support to mental health

We are providing early intervention and support to mental health issues to ethnic minorities disproportionately affected. We are currently helping people significantly impacted by the pandemic.

Hate crime and violence

Hate crime and violence are on the rise against ethnic minorities. We using diversity, integration and education to raise awareness to address these issues. We are working with law enforcement agencies to tackle these issues.

Domestic abuse incidents

There is surge and an increase in domestic abuse incidents. This abuse affect victims mentally, emotionally and financially. Victims need help in the strictest confidentiality and trust to feel safe to talk about these issues because most often the perpetrators are friends,family and acquaintance.

Gang and Knife Crime.

The increasing rate of gang and knife crime has torn families and communities apart. The grieve, the pain and loss can be very unbearable. Our early intervention approach is engaging young people educating them on the dangers of been lured in a gang lifestyle and providing them with career counselling and engaging them in sporting activities and musical concerts.

Loneliness and social isolation

More and more people are facing and are going to face loneliness and social isolation as more strict social distancing and socialisation rules are enforced in communities.

At the heart of all we do is the interest of the community .We believes a better community means responsible people and good nation-building. Better communities create opportunities for business to strive to bring economic prosperity and growth. We also believe gang crime, violence, civil unrest and political corruption result if better communities are not built that is inclusive and diverse.

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